02/24/2012 06:37 pm ET Updated May 23, 2012

Andie MacDowell Visits Tim Gunn on 'The Revolution' For Trenchcoat Fashion Show

Andie MacDowell showed off her runway stride on "The Revolution" when she teamed up with Tim Gunn for a trenchcoat fashion show. The 53-year-old actress spoke with Gunn about how her style has changed over the years: "I wouldn't wear really short dresses any more -- just don't feel comfortable in them," said MacDowell, who elaborated that short hemlines were inappropriate for her age.

The "Jane By Design" star doesn't just play a fashion expert on TV; she has plenty of style rules of her own. In a recent interview with ABC News during fashion week, MacDowell shared several looks that post 50s should avoid, including mini skirts, Juicy Couture sweats and juniors clothing.

There is at least one piece of revealing clothing MacDowell will wear, however. Check out the below video to see what it is and to view Gunn's stylish trenchcoat tips.