02/24/2012 05:55 pm ET

Barbara Walters: Star Jones Was Not 'Ambushed' On 'The View' (VIDEO)

Former "View" co-host Star Jones returned to the show she abruptly left on Wednesday, facing her former colleague and executive producer, Barbara Walters.

Jones joined the ladies of "The View" for two segments, the first of which was spent rehashing her stormy exit. When Walters first asked Jones to recount her departure, Jones asked, "Are we really going to go here, Barbara?"

Following the show, some wondered if Walters had gone too far and ambushed Jones by asking about the past. On Thursday's "Today" show, Donny Deutsch stood up for Jones and said he thought Jones was owed an apology. He likened the scene to "mean girls" picking on a "vulnerable girl."

Walters told the New York Post that Jones was not ambushed. Walters and "View" executive producer Bill Geddie insisted that Geddie made Walters bring up Jones' exit. Sources told The Post that the opposite was true: Walters insisted on bringing up the past, even though Geddie suggested otherwise.

Jones abruptly left "The View" in 2006 after ABC did not renew her contract. Walters and Geddie told Jones that they would let her decide how and when she would like to tell viewers that she was not going to return for the show's next season. The following day, Jones went on "The View" and stunned everyone behind the scenes, on camera, and in the audience when she announced that she was leaving the show. Walters did not allow Jones on the show the very next day, and a very nasty and public media frenzy ensued.

Watch the video of Jones' return above. Do you think Walters went too far? Vote in the poll below.

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