02/24/2012 01:12 pm ET

With Doug Bruce In Jail, Fake Twitter Account @Cool_Hand_Bruce A Neverending Source Of Hilarity

Say what you will about politics in Colorado, the state's political Twitterati are hilarious. Long-time tweeters @Mc_GoldenDome and @Yo_JBC_Raps continue to hold down the rotunda amid geeky rhyme battles, while establishment reporters like @JohnSchroyer and @Lynn_Bartels max out daily limits and are forced to resort to backup twitter accounts. Amidst these venerable characters, a hilarious twitter profile has emerged: @Cool_Hand_Bruce.

@Cool_Hand_Bruce has adopted the persona of Doug Bruce, Colorado's (newly-imprisoned) anti-tax advocate and TABOR author. He tweets about his new life in jail, his cellmate Lil Grover (who raises homing pigeons), the economics of trading cigarettes, and hilarious insights into Colorado politics viewed from the pen.

We've collected some of @Cool_Hand_Bruce's best tweets so far, but as 'ol Doug has barely been in the slammer for more than a week now, the tweets will only get better.

READ some of the best tweets (so far):



Best Tweets From @Cool_Hand_Bruce