02/24/2012 05:06 pm ET

Extreme Weather Of The Week (PHOTOS)

From floods to avalanches, the world saw some pretty wild weather this week. Seen in the photos below, an avalanche killed several in Kashmir and heavy flooding struck Bolivia and Brazil.

In the U.S., Chicago was expected to receive between three and eight inches of snow on Thursday. Officials were calling for slick roads and hazardous driving conditions.

Weather forecasters have predicted storms across much of the U.S for the weekend. Damaging wind gusts and even tornadoes are expected in some regions.

Unusual weather has led forecasters to call for a "warm, windy and dry" spring in New Mexico this year. New Mexico's ski resorts have experienced a record year with some of the "best conditions in the nation" this season, reported the Associated Press.

Further repercussions of Texas' record 2011 drought were revealed this week. According to AP, rice farmers in three Texas counties may not receive irrigation water this spring. The three counties represent 35 to 45 percent of Texas' rice acreage.

Below, check out some of the wildest and most extreme weather images from around the world this week.

Extreme Weather Of The Week 2/24/12