02/24/2012 05:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Facebook Bans 'Steve Jobs' Timeline (VIDEO)

He might be a recent Emmy Award winner, but the late Steve Jobs is not welcome on Facebook. That is, a profile dedicated to the former Apple CEO is not allowed on Facebook.

The social network on February 22 took down an extensive Facebook timeline tribute to the life and accomplishments of Jobs, just two days before his February 24 birthday, Mercury News reports.

Bog Genius Report identified the brain behind the "Stevie Paul Jobs" timeline as Simon Lau, a Singapore-based web developer.

A video exploring the various posts on the timeline -- which followed Jobs' life from his youth through his professional career in a great number of posts and pictures -- was posted on Lau's YouTube channel on October 9, 2011, four days after Jobs' death. (Scroll down to watch.)

According to Mercury News' Jeremy C. Owens, the profile first disappeared Wednesday morning after garnering some attention from sites like 9to5Mac, which tweeted about the profile on February 21; however, it was back up within a few hours.

Unfortunately, the timeline was removed yet again later that day, this time without reemerging. Owens attributed the ban to a request he sent to Facebook for comment on the profile. He tweeted apologetically to Lau:

Facebook reportedly responded to Owens' request that it "would not comment on individual profiles" and provided "a general statement about its policy on requiring real names to establish a Facebook profile."

(In Facebook's Terms of Service, under the section titled "Registration and Security," the social network states that a personal profile be maintained by the person whose name is attached to the profile. "You will not provide any false personal information on Facebook, or create an account for anyone other than yourself without permission," the article reads.)

Lau has since revealed that he has already appealed to Facebook to reinstate the timeline in order to honor Jobs, but he's still awaiting a response:

Watch Lau's video of the Steve Jobs' timeline tribute (below). Do you think Facebook should reinstate the profile?