02/24/2012 06:02 pm ET Updated Feb 25, 2012

Fake Doctor, Juan Alberto Ruan-Rivera, Arrested For Allegedly Targeting And Sexually Assaulting Hispanics (VIDEO)

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Juan Alberto Ruan-Rivera was arrested last week after claiming to be a medical practitioner licensed in Mexico.

The 44-year-old was, in fact, not licensed in Mexico, and duped at least three victims into taking medication to make them drowsy, before he allegedly sexually assaulted them.

Rivera supposedly targeted Hispanics who had no health insurance, including a 51-year-old North Las Vegas woman, a 27-year-old California woman and a 5-year-old Las Vegas boy, the Review-Journal reports.

Rivera's wife, Francisca Ruan, told Fox5 that one of the victims was her 5-year-old grandson. However, police have not confirmed the relation of the Las Vegas boy on record with Rivera.

According to News3, the reported abuse took place in Rivera's home, beginning in 2006. Authorities did not discover the incidents until the victims came forward following Rivera’s booking at North Las Vegas Detention Center for a domestic battery.

"We have great concern that there are potentially more victims out there," Sgt. Tim Bedwell told the Review-Journal.

Police are saying that Rivera spent time in Alaska, Texas, Southern California and Southern Nevada during the period of time, allegedly working as a distributor of Omnilife Natural Supplements. Police are urging any possible victims or witnesses to come forward.

Rivera, who is currently being held on $173,000 bail, faces three counts of sexual assault along with violation of a temporary protection order and attempt to suborn perjury, Fox News reports.