02/24/2012 01:19 pm ET

Great Food Stories Of The Week (Last Call)

Every Friday afternoon, HuffPost Food rounds up some of the best food articles of the week. Start your weekend off with some quality food writing, and hopefully quality food as well! Think we missed something great? Let us know.

The Atlantic, In Italian Food, In Italian Food, What's Authentic and Does It Really Even Matter?
Italians are passionate about their food culture, but the ingredients we eat and how we eat them are constantly evolving and changing over time.

Ruhlman, So You Want To Write A Cookbook
Guess what, so does everyone else.

Vogue, Turning Japanese
Jeffrey Steingarten goes to Tokyo.

Advertising Age, Is McDonald's Losing That Lovin' Feeling?
Sales are soaring, but its brand perception isn't keeping pace.

Serious Eats, Terry Theise On What To Say to a Sommelier
How to not act like a fool when ordering wine.

Grist, Prince Farming
Discussing Charles’ new book on food reform.

Bloomberg Businessweek, Fishing As Slaves On The High Seas
For some Indonesian workers, commercial fishing in the seas off New Zealand became a nightmare of abuse aboard foreign-chartered vessels.

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