02/24/2012 12:10 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jeremy Lin Rookie Card Sold By Yair Rozmaryn On Ebay For $21,580 (VIDEO)

On February 6, most people would've thought Yair Rozmaryn, a 29-year-old Upper West Sider, was a little Linsane for spending $1,000 on a Jeremy Lin rookie card. Granted, the card included Lin's autograph AND a swatch of jersey, but still, Lin had only started two games when Rozmaryn made the purchase, well before Lin puns dominated headlines across the world.

A mere two weeks later, however, Rozmaryn got the last laugh. He sold the card on Ebay Thursday afternoon for a staggering $21,580--about a %2,158 increase on his investment.

Rozmaryn said, according to The New York Times, that the mint-condition card is 17th in a series of 25 cards issued, making it more valuable because 17 is Lin’s number.

Whoever purchased the card, however, was probably none too happy with Lin's performance Thursday night. Lin scored only 8 points and turned the ball over 8 times during the Knicks' loss to the Miami Heat.