02/24/2012 09:32 am ET

Jesse Jackson Jr. Supporter: Satanic Forces Want Congressman Defeated

As U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. fights to keep his seat in Illinois' 2nd District, his supporters have expressed willingness to take on any opposition--including any demonic forces that may be in the congressman's way.

At a campaign event Monday, Pastor Willie James Campbell of St. James Ministries delivered an opening prayer, which included a warning that "every obstacle and every yoke" standing between Jackson and reelection "has been prepared by Satanic forces," the Chicago Tribune reports. Campbell later clarified that his comments weren't directed at Democratic primary opponent Debbie Halvorson, but at her agenda, which represents a "political demonic force."

Halvorson isn't the only force standing between Jackson and re-election. Jackson's campaign efforts have hit several hurdles, including accusations that his supporters tried to buy President Obama's Senate seat from ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich, prompting a congressional ethics investigation, newly-redrawn boundaries in his district that added more white and rural voters and allegations of marital infidelity.

Halvorson issued a statement Tuesday in response to the comments, according to Chicago Heights Patch:

"Desperate politicians do desperate things to save their own jobs. And right now, Congressman Jackson is desperately trying to save his job. After 17 years of putting himself before the people and failing to deliver, the people want change," Halvorson wrote in an e-mail.

Jackson's camp has declined to comment on the Pastor's statements, according to the Tribune.