02/24/2012 06:37 pm ET

Lying: Is It Okay To Fib On A First Date?

First dates are inherently awkward, and with all those get-to-know-you questions, you may be tempted to make yourself seem ever so slightly more successful/rich/well-connected/confident than you are. Perhaps you slightly embellish what you do for a living, or leave out the fact that you live with your parents. Or maybe you tone down some questionable items in your past (hey, that almost-felony was a long time ago).

To shed some light on this phenomenon, our friends at Glamour rounded up lies ten readers told on first dates -- everything from covering up a current relationship status to saying "I had a great time" when you'd actually been counting the seconds until the date was over.

There's now evidence that, thanks to the rise of online dating, lots of dishonesty happens even before the first date. In a survey commissioned by the online dating site BeautifulPeople.com found that over half of the 1000 online daters who participated fessed up to lying about at least one thing: their appearance. The survey showed that the top lies told by women were about their weight, age, physique and income (though saying you had a more glamorous career, particularly in entertainment, also made the top 10) while men were most likely to embellish their job, height, weight, physique and income. Given how popular online dating has become -- a 2010 BBC World Service global poll of 11,000 Internet users found that a full 30 percent of them are looking for love on the web -- that means a lot more relationships possibly starting with lies.