02/24/2012 11:54 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Stila Solar Lighted Compact: Beauty Lab

Ever since I was a little girl, I've been mesmerized by really pretty mirrors. Maybe my infatuation with Belle's magic mirror in Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" has left some deep psychological imprint. However, I can't stop peering into the latest addition to my looking glass collection: Stila's Solar Lighted Compact.

The cosmetics brand has teamed up with E! Entertainment for the second year in a row to expand its red carpet-inspired beauty line. And how fitting is this illuminated compact? Perfect for last minute touch-ups in dimly-lit cars, restaurants or wherever the night takes you, this mirror features a tiny green star that glows once it's fully charged using indirect sunlight. Made out of recycled material, it lasts approximately five years and includes a refillable translucent and shimmer powder set.

Stila Solar Lighted Compact, $50, Photo: Bobby Doherty

As a woman with a darker complexion, I often find that most translucent powders leave behind grayish streaks. Yet, this formula (in spite of appearing super pale in the palette) blended on smooth and eliminated that all too familiar afternoon shine. And the body shimmer gave me a glow similar to how my skin looks after laying out on the beach (with SPF, of course).

But if you're preparing for a big night out and want to look as radiant as Jennifer Aniston or Beyoncé, Stila Pro Artist Kaci Harabedian recommends prepping your skin with body lotion, and then dusting shimmer on the upper cleavage, down the shoulders, and on the front of the shins. Too-tan celebs should take note as Oscars night draws near.

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