02/24/2012 11:11 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Vagabond': Beirut's Newest Period Party (VIDEO)

New Mexican Zach Condon and his band Beirut aren't strangers to the odd period party, having tore it up with some twee girls in their first official video, for "Elephant Gun." Now they're back to the good life in the Sunset Television-directed "Vagabond," off last year's The Rip Tide. The black-and-white video features above average-looking sailors and nurses with below-average social skills. Nothing quite works out between these beautiful people, who drink and smoke like they've got one night left to live. Clash has a quote up from Sunset Television, who say they wanted "Vagabond" to feel different from the contemplative "Santa Fe," which they also directed for Beirut:

"'Vagabond' tells the story of a group of soldiers and sailors flirting with nurses and hard-living local girls at a dance. It was shot at the beautiful Warsaw dancehall in Greenpoint and inspired by the look of Milos Forman movies from the 60's...With all the smoking, drinking, and advanced pregnancy, the video will probably be banned from MTV, so we hope lots of people enjoy it on the Internet."

Well? You heard the man...enjoy!