02/24/2012 07:15 pm ET

Woman Rescued From Car Moments Before Train Smashes It

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Stuck on the tracks of the CSX railroad in Newark, Del., 24-year-old Monique Dyton and her sister Christina Johnson, 22, were just moments away from death.

The two had taken a wrong turn on the confusing intersection, and as Dyton tried to accelerate the car, Johnson got out to try and push it with the help of nearby waste management workers early Thursday morning, ABC reports.

But as the car stayed put and a train fast approached, the waste management workers pulled Dyton, still in the driver's seat, out of the car moments before the train smashed it.

"I told her four times, and I walked away," Shawn Brown, one of the workers, told MSNBC, "and I came back and said, 'I can't leave her.' So I went back and said 'come on, get out this car.' She stepped one foot out. By the time she got the second foot out, that train came in like three seconds and wiped out her whole car out."

Nearby business owner Demitri Theodoropulos told the news source the intersection is infamous for being confusing -- he's got the videos to prove it. Luckily, he also said the majority of them end with dented metal, not lost lives.

Editor's Note: Different news outlets have spelled Shawn Brown's name differently.