02/26/2012 10:09 am ET Updated Feb 26, 2012

Mitt Romney Doubles Down On Cadillac Gaffe, Accuses Obama Of Corruption

Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney on Sunday defended both his wealth and the number of cars he owns during an awkward exchange with Fox News' Chris Wallace.

Wallace asked the former Massachusetts governor whether his recent statement that his wife "drives a couple of Cadillacs" was out-of-touch with the economic realities facing most American families. Romney responded with a reference to the different states in which his cars are located, and suggested that only President Barack Obama's supporters would begrudge him his automobile affluence.

"I can't be perfect, I just am who I am and I can tell you this with regards to the cars, that was talked about last September and us, what vehicles we own, we have a car in California, we have a car in Boston," Romney said. "And so that's the way it is. If people think that there is something wrong for being successful, they should vote for the other guy. I have been successful."

Romney also accused Obama of corruption, suggesting that the government assistance provided to General Motors and Chrysler was motivated by political patronage rather than economic substance.

"We spent several billion dollars at a time we didn't need to," Romney said, claiming that Obama "gave a huge portion of the company to the UAW [United Auto Workers]. That's not how bankruptcy usually works ... He was paying off the people that supported him, and by the way, are trying to get him reelected."

Romney's opposition to the government assistance for General Motors and Chrysler has created difficulties for him in Michigan, which is holding its primary on Tuesday. Polls show Romney and Santorum garnering very close levels of support in the state, with Romney's campaign spending a great deal of money to overturn an early lead in the state for former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum. Romney grew up in Michigan and easily won the state's 2008 primary, leading many political observers to believe he should carry it handily this year.

Below, a slideshow looking back at some of Romney's awkward moments.

Awkward Mitt Romney