02/27/2012 05:18 pm ET Updated Feb 27, 2012

Ellen DeGeneres, Meredith Vieira Drink Boxed Wine, Talk 'Bachelor' (VIDEO)

It was bottoms up for Ellen and Meredith Vieira on Ellen's show on Monday.

The former "Today" co-host stopped by to chat about veganism, drunken charades, "The Bachelor" and her first juice cleanse, amongst other things. She had said that she was happy to be drinking chardonnay again. Cue Ellen pulling out a box of wine.

Meredith had her reservations about the quality, but that didn't stop her from deftly working the pour spout. "What scares me is that you knew how to work this," Ellen observed. Meredith added that she felt "like Hoda and Kathie Lee," who always have a drink in hand for the fourth hour of "Today."

The wine is "terrible, but that's fine," Meredith joked. "By the third glass it's great." Then she took it back, realizing that the brand was clearly visible on the box.

"I don't wanna say it's terrible because I'd like to get some free at my house," she said. Is Franzia hearing this?

Then, the two got into a deep and thought-provoking discussion about "The Bachelor." "Why do we know so much about this?" Meredith asked. "This is so disturbing."



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