02/27/2012 05:22 pm ET

Eve Hobsbawm, Eight-Year-Old Life Coach, Will Solve All Of Your Problems

Last week, an adorable little boy featured in a series of "first grade problem" memes showed the world just how rough life after kindergarten can be. If only he knew Eve Hobsbawm, the eight-year-old life coach from London who can solve even the toughest of daily dilemmas -- first grade solutions, if you will.

But Eve doesn't only help her peers. Her website,, describes the types of issues she can solve for adults, "problems about love, live and work-life balance," the pricing page says. Her services don't come cheap, however. "Hard problems" can cost up to £1.00 (about $1.50). Of course, "everyday problems" amount to a little less.

Eve admits on her website that she doesn't have much life-experience to back up her business, but says problem solving can be easy "when you get the hang of it". Her first client complained that her husband was really annoying. Eve's advice? "It all cancels out. You might do stuff to him that's also really annoying," she told The Guardian.

There are some more esoteric problems she doesn't touch. For example, "Does space ever end?", or "I have a relative who died, can I get her back?" are questions Eve can't answer. And don't bother her with schoolwork-related problems -- especially not math.

According to The Guardian, Eve's dad, who runs a tech start-up, inspired her to start the business. "As soon as I saw his business and understood the kinds of things businesses do, I thought that's what I'm going to do," she said, though she wasn't sure exactly what kind of company she wanted to call her own. And then one day, the idea of problem solving just "popped into" her head.

Guardian writer, Patrick Kingsley, tested her services for himself. He asked where his keys were and was panicked over what to cook his friends for dinner. She told him to look in the hall for his keys -- they were there. And her suggestion for dinner, spaghetti, proved to be a quick and easy meal. £2 well spent.

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