02/27/2012 02:06 am ET Updated Apr 27, 2012

'Fringe': To Find His Olivia, Peter Must First Break Olivia's Heart (VIDEO)

All season long, Peter Bishop has been trying to return to his own timeline -- seemingly erased when he wrote himself out of history -- on "Fringe" (Fri., 9 p.m. EST on Fox). He wanted to get back to the Walter he knew, the world he knew, but most of all to the Olivia he'd fallen in love with. And yet, in recent weeks it's appeared that maybe he'd found her right here in this strange new world.

He almost accepted that this world's Olivia, who suddenly has more memories of her life with him in that other world than she does of her own life here where she was adopted by Nina Sharp as a little girl. But does that mean that somehow she is Peter's Olivia? Is this perhaps still Peter's world, only altered by his absence? Is there another world for him to go back to that's still running parallel to the two we've seen this season?

Both worlds this season have been at least slightly altered from how they existed before Peter's disappearance. Are those other two worlds out there still, or are they these worlds? Perhaps Peter has been home all alone. Even going into the mind of the Observer designated September, and learning the secret that they are apparently evolved versions of humanity from the future who'd developed the technology to go back in time and observe their own past, didn't give him any clear answers about anything. Which is actually fairly typical for Observers.

In the end, though, whether this Olivia is his or not, that's the life she now remembers. Peter is the love she now remembers. And so whether he is meaning to or not, he is breaking her heart when he rejects her and tells her he needs to get home. There are eight episodes left this season -- and possibly at all, if the show isn't picked up for a fifth season.

"Fringe" returns to begin the run to its finale on Friday, March 23 at 9 p.m. EST On Fox.

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