02/27/2012 01:35 pm ET Updated Feb 27, 2012

Kelly Ripa On Her First 'Live! With Kelly' Post-Oscars Show, Favorite Moments And Forgotten Beauty Tips

Kelly Ripa had a very Hollywood weekend -- fresh off a week of shooting "Live! With Kelly" on location in Hawaii, she and her crew stopped off in L.A. for her very first appearance at the Oscars. Ripa had a prime spot at the show, chatting with all the winners the second they got backstage. But the icing on the cake was her show's first post-Oscars special, shot on the Kodak Theater's Oscar stage.

After a grand Cirque du Soleil opening from their hit "Iris" -- which gave the audience a taste of what Oscar attendees experienced last night -- Ripa and her co-host, "How I Met Your Mother" star Neil Patrick Harris, descended from the rafters to kick off the show. It was a celebration of all things Oscar, from the fashion to Ripa's backstage interview moments (the "Bridesmaids" Scorsese drinking game continued!) to some of the night's big winners as guests: Best Supporting Actress winner Octavia Spencer for "The Help," Best Actor winner Jean Djardin for "The Artist" and some of his castmates, including Uggie!

I woke up bright and early to watch the festivities -- though not as early as the estimated 3,000 audience members, some of whom told me they'd been in line since 1:30 a.m. to get seats -- and got a chance to chat with Ripa after the show. What was her biggest "pinch me" moment? And what clever beauty tip is she kicking herself for forgetting?

I find it hilarious that even with all the huge stars as guests, and Neil Patrick Harris on stage with you, the audience can't stop chanting for your husband Mark Consuelos during commercial breaks.
I know, the whole time, just chanting for Mark! [Laughs.] I have to say, I don't blame the audience one little bit, but they are deeply in love with Mark. There's no doubt about it!

Did you have fun out there?
I did! It was nerve-wracking -- I definitely felt my mouth go dry every segment. I had the mouth of fear. I always talk about it -- it's like when you host "Saturday Night Live," your mouth goes dry, so you always say, "Put Vaseline on your teeth so that your lips don't stick to your teeth." And I did not follow my own advice because I'm an idiot.

Obviously you all didn't know who was going to win before booking this post-Oscars show. How did you end up with some of the night's biggest winners?
We really wanted the people to win that were confirmed bookings on our show! [Laughs.] I can't believe it that it actually happened that way -- it was like a miracle. We were staring at each other saying, "Is this really happening? Did Jean [Dujardin] win, really? Did Octavia [Spencer] really win?" They were already booked, so it was a miracle.

What was your biggest "pinch me" moment?
Last night it was Octavia, just watching her ... I'm telling you, when she got weak in the knees, I got weak in the knees. I was so thrilled for her because I love the book "The Help," I love the movie "The Help" and I think she's so brilliant. And she's really paid her dues in this industry, so I was so happy for her. And this morning, just being lowered onto that stage and seeing our audience, I just was like, "Oh my gosh, this is happening right now."