02/27/2012 10:09 am ET

Kevin Durant: LeBron James, Dwyane Wade Should Do Slam Dunk Contest

Jeremy Evans just didn't do it for Kevin Durant.

Comedian Kevin Hart, a glow-in-the-dark dunk, a blind fold, a motorcycle and dunking two balls over an assistant just wasn't enough to sway the 2012 All-Star Game MVP into thinking the Slam Dunk Contest is fine without star power.

Shortly after the Utah Jazz forward won the dunk contest, Durant tweeted that it's time for a change.

LeBron has considered participating before, even going as far as announcing on national television that he would join in (and then of course backing out in 2010). But at the beginning of this year's All-Star weekend, James said he's just not a "dunk contest type of guy" and revealed what it would take for him to reconsider... a million dollars.

"Then I'd reconsider. Wouldn’t you?" he asked.

Wade said back in 2010 that he had made it known to the league that he has no interest in doing the dunk contest. Russell Westbrook, Durant's teammate, said earlier this month that he too is not interested in the competition, noting that fans had their chance to see him in it in 2009, but instead they decided to vote Rudy Fernandez into the contest.

But what about Derrick Rose?..