02/27/2012 09:27 am ET

Kobe Bryant Broken Nose: Dwyane Wade Foul Injures Lakers' Star In All-Star Game (VIDEO)

Move over, Pete Rose.

During the 2012 NBA All-Star Game, Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade laid a hard foul on Kobe Bryant that reportedly resulted in a broken nose and a concussion for the Lakers' star. While Bryant seems in far better condition than Ray Fosse after Rose barreled him over at home plate during the 1970 MLB All-Star Game, Wade's flagrant foul won't likely be forgotten any time soon.

According to the Lakers' official website, Bryant suffered a "nasal fracture" during the game. The injury was reportedly revealed during a CAT scan in Orlando and Bryant will undergo further examination back in Los Angeles on Monday.

With the East trying to cut into the West's substantial lead, Wade fouled Bryant as he drove to the basket during the third quarter. The hard foul immediately caught the attention of the TNT announcing crew and drew blood from Bryant.

"I obviously didn't try to draw no blood, but I took a foul," Wade told reporters after the game. "Kobe fouled me two times in a row, so he's still got one up on me."

Along with the broken nose, Bryant reportedly also suffered a mild concussion during the incident, reports Yahoo! Sports. Immediately following the West's victory, Bryant skipped the media availability, reportedly due to headaches.

Despite absorbing the hard foul, Bryant remained in the game. Just a few minutes later, he would score on a dunk to surpass Michael Jordan as the leading scorer in the history of the NBA All-Star Game.

Although Bryant likely wouldn't agree with Wade's assessment of who has "got one up on" who when it comes to fouls, he may be more amenable to talk about the fact that he has several points up on everyone to ever play in the All-Star Game.