02/27/2012 01:03 pm ET Updated Apr 28, 2012

MegaCutz Shooting: One Dead, One Wounded In Allapattah Barbershop Gunfire

A shoot-out at an Allapattah barber shop left one man dead and a patron wounded Sunday night, according to Miami Police.

Investigators say a man roared up to the MegaCutz Barbershop at 3485 NW 17th Avenue around 7 p.m., walked inside, and opened fire on a second man getting a hair cut. That man was also carrying a weapon, and returned fire on the motorcyclist. Witnesses reported hearing three and then five shots, which left the shooter dead and the patron in serious condition at Ryder Trauma Center.

"Its like we were in the wild wild west," nearby grocery store owner Michael Fernandez told NBCMiami. "Truly that's what you can say happened. The guy went in there to assassinate somebody."

Multiple witnesses told media they saw the motorcyclist circling the block several times, apparently searching for someone.

"The guy came, and they were looking for him at my shop, he came in looking to see. When he walked in there, he was looking to kill him. His head was already set on doing the bid," the barbershop owner, who did not give his name, told WSVN.

Detectives, who said the barbershop patron was carrying a gun legally, are investigating if there is a connection between the two men.

"At this time, we don't know what's the motive or if they may have known each other, or if there was something that may have led him to this barber shop," said Miami Police spokesperson Keandra Simmons.

For residents who scrambled to safety as bullets went flying, the incident was both a tragedy and unwelcome bad publicity.

"We're trying to keep the neighborhood safe. We want people to come to Allapattah," Fernandez told the Miami Herald. "But things like this set us back."