02/27/2012 03:13 pm ET

Oscars 2012: The 10 Best Parent-Child Academy Award Moments

The Academy Awards are always fun to watch for their glitz, stunning fashions and -- of course -- recognition of great films. But in 2012, the Oscars also came complete with one very important reminder: thank your mother.

If you were playing along at home, there were enough parent-child love-fests last night to make for an even more festive drinking game than the Bridesmaid's 'Scorsese.' Some of the stars' moms got to kvell about their "babies" in a special pre-show segment called "Mominees," winners with little kids either brought them to the festivities or let them stay up a little later than usual, and more than one of the biggest names in Hollywood made their whole families get red-carpet ready and head to the show. (Unfortunately for Martin Scorsese, his daughter Francesca just looked bored.)

"My mom and dad and sister are here with me tonight, and to see them in the midst of all of this is almost keeping me calmer because I’m worried about them," said first-time presenter Melissa McCarthy. "On the way over, I said, 'Oh my God, I think we're going to the Oscars.'"

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