02/27/2012 04:27 pm ET

Pizza Hut CEO David Novak's Go-To Date Restaurant? Pizza Hut

There's no doubting that Yum Brand's David Novak has a mind for business: you don't become the second-best-paid CEO in the restaurant business without it. But if an interview in USA Today is any indication, he's not quite as quick when it comes to romance. In the midst of describing his relationship to Yum Brands, he casually drops a little bomb:

I took dates to Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut! For dates? Really?

(We're assuming, by the way, that said Pizza Hut dates were not $10,100 engagement packages. If they were? Bravo, David Novak!)

The Yum Brands CEO seems not to have given up his old ways, either. He told Marketplace last month that he eats at Taco Bell, KFC or Pizza Hut about four or five times a week.

Somewhere along the way, though, Novak must have figured out that his vocation need not dictate his choice of date restaurant. According to Nation's Restaurant News, he's married and has a daughter -- and it's hard to imagine that he got that way by wooing his sweetheart with stuffed-crust pepperoni pies.

[Via Gawker]