02/27/2012 10:41 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sacha Baron Cohen, Ryan Seacrest Ash-Spilling GIF

We're not going to lie; the first thing we thought when we saw Sacha Baron Cohen, aka "The Dictator," step onto the red carpet was, "Oh, he borrowed Jeffrey Ross' outfit." But the second thing was, "What's he going to do with that urn?"

And of course, one of the only truly magical moments of the evening shortly ensued.

Once we watched this clip for the 101st time, we realized we needed a more efficient way to enjoy all of its awkward glory.

If you missed the scene on the red carpet last night when "The Dictator" dumped Kim Jong-Il's (fake) ashes all over Ryan Seacrest, check out the full clip below. Then enjoy this, our morning-after Oscars gift to you all day long.