02/27/2012 01:32 pm ET

'Sh*t Sales Traders Say' Video Drops, Predictably Amazes (WATCH)

And it's finally dropped. No, we're not talking about Tupac's latest album from beyond the grave. It's the "Sh*t Sales Traders Say" video.

Admittedly, the production value on this version of the "sh*t people say" meme may be a little bit lower than that of some of the other more than 600 videos that eager YouTubers have made as part of the craze. The trader version features a man in front of the approximately 6,000 (read: eight) screens he uses to check his email and Bloomberg terminal.

Throughout the video the man calls unidentified people on his head set and says things like "how's my favorite client?" or "I can tell he read my Bloomberg, but he hasn't responded yet."

Perhaps the best gem? "I mean what else can I do? I don't have any talent, do you?"

Watch the full video above