02/27/2012 11:41 am ET

Steven Santiago, Staten Island Good Samaritan, Dies From Injuries After Saving Filmmaker Jonathan Parisen

The Staten Island man who was struck by a train after pulling a drunken filmmaker out of the tracks in January has died from the critical injuries he incurred to his head.

After two weeks of hospitalization, 39-year old Steven Santiago had been transferred to a rehab center. However, on Friday evening his injuries exacerbated and the Good Samaritan was forced to return to the emergency room. Santiago died Saturday morning at Staten island University Hospital.

Santiago's tragic death follows his heroic act from January 8, saving the life of inebriated filmmaker Jonathan Parisen, who "thought it was funny" to jump in the tracks.

Police officials say Santiago was able to pull the filmmaker to safety, but the strain on his body forced his head to hang over the platform, and Santiago was ultimately struck by the oncoming train.

Parisen was arrested and sentenced on criminal trespassing charges. He was released on $2,500 bail.

On Saturday, Parisen used his Twitter account to say, "I was just informed that Steven Santiago passed away today. My prayers go out to Steven and his family. God bless."

In an interview with the Staten Island Advance, Santiago's brother Edwin made an emotional cry for Parisen to attend the funeral:

I will empty my family from the funeral parlor and give him 15 minutes to say thank you and give my brother the respect he deserves. I'm begging him to please, please come to the funeral. I don't know how he's going to live with himself. He never said thank you in person and that's all I want. Please come and say thank you to my brother. He gave his life for you. It's the least you could do.

Edwin also added that his brother's heroic act followed a recent attempt to better his life and reconnect with his 13-year old son.