02/28/2012 12:12 am ET Updated Feb 28, 2012

TEEN FICTION: 'My Only Wish'

This is a regular column featuring original fiction by and for teens, provided by Figment.com, an online community writing site for young people.

By Maddy Munoz

Swaying to the music, Maiko danced along the cobbled stone street, her green eyes glowing in the lamplight. Just a few more dollars, she thought and watched the people walk by, either giving her strange looks or hurring by without noticing her. She needed more money if she wanted to get a hot meal, which sounded perfect on a blustery and cold night like this. She gracefully spun in a circle and someone in the shadows caught her eye.

It was the strange boy.

The boy had been watching her since last week. The boy never said anything, just stood in the shadows and watched. The boy always left when she wasn't looking. The boy was there everyday just as the sun had set. The boy always wore a black trench coat that made him even more blend into the shadows. The boy had black hair and piercing silver eyes that made her shiver. The boy saw everything.

But today was different.

The boy walked over and put a few coins in the cap that sat on the ground in front of her. Maiko's eyes widened as she saw that they were gold. The boy nodded and turned to leave. Maiko stopped dancing and ran after him, grabbing the cap.

"Hey, wait!" She called and the boy stopped. Face flushed and short hair flying, she skidded to a stop infront of him.

"I can't take this." Maiko pressed the coins in his hands.

The boy looked at the coins. "Why not? I've seen you everyday, you need it."

"It's too much." Maiko said quietly. "You probably need this too."

The boy looked at her for a second, before reaching into his pocket.

"At least take this." He pressed a small heart-shaped box into her hands and walked away.

Maiko examined the box. It was about the size of her hand, wrapped in white ribbon. There was a small tag which read in fancy letters:

Make a Wish.

That was hard. There were so many things Maiko wished she could have, she made a mental list in her head.

A family to take care of her. A place to stay. Plenty of food. To be wanted.
There were a lot more, but Maiko didn't want a hundred things she wanted to stick in her head. She went back to her dancing spot and thought about the wish. Would it really come true? She stopped for a break and held the box up to her ear and shook it. A clear flute sound emitted from it. She stared at it, confused. What magic was this?

* * * * *

Maiko sat under a ledge, eating a small sandwich as she watched the rain fall. The small heart-shaped box was weighing on her mind, as well as her pocket. She could of sure used the wish, but there were many other people who needed it as well. People who had less than even she had. Maiko had made up her mind.

* * * * *

"Hey." Maiko walked up to the boy in the shadows.

"Hey." He replied evenly.

She took the box out of her pocket. "I want to give you this." She held it out to him.

"Why? You need the wish. You're living on the streets."

Maiko took a deep breath. It was going to take all of her self control to say this. "I do, but there are people who need it more. Find someone and help them."

The boy took the box and smiled, stepping out of the shadows. "Come, Maiko."

Confused, Maiko followed him, through the maze of alleyways until they reached a lovely, warm looking house.

"This is where Prince Hiroshi is." Maiko said, stopping and staring at the house in wonder.

"So it is." The boy said, a small smile on his face. "Let's enter."

They walked though the great double doors and onto the white marble floor. Maiko looked at her feet and realized that she had tracked mud into the house.

"This way, madam." A butler waved his hand down the corridor.

Nodding, Maiko realized that the boy had disappeared. "Oh, my friend..."

"Don't worry, he'll be back." The butler said and lead Maiko into a room where someone was sitting on a throne looking chair.

It was the boy.

"You!" Maiko gasped and Prince Hiroshi smiled. "Yes, me. Surprise."

"B-but-why d-did you do this? All for just me?" Maiko stuttered, and to her embarassment she felt tears start at her eyes.

"I've seen you work hard everyday." Hiroshi said. "And when I gave you enough money to live a comfortable life, you gave it back. When I gave you the wish you yet again gave it back. You're a kind heart, Maiko."

Maiko smiled though her tears. "T-thank you for e-everything. I-I'd best be leaving." She turned to go and felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Would you like to stay here with me?" Prince Hiroshi set a warm gaze on her. "We'll help people, granting their wishes. You know where more people are in need are. Will you help me?" He held out his hand.

Maiko wiped away her tears. "Yes. I will." She took his hand and together they set out granting people's wishes.