02/28/2012 06:33 pm ET

Double Casting: Actors Who Played The Same Character (PHOTOS)

Actress AnnaSophia Robb has been cast as Carrie Bradshaw -- the character made famous by Sarah Jessica Parker on "Sex and the City" -- in the upcoming TV series "The Carrie Diaries."

The 18-year-old will play a teenage version of Bradshaw as she comes of age during the 1980s. A tough road lies ahead for Robb, who is tasked with portraying a very distinct character, carved out by Parker over six season and two movies.

The advent of the movie "prequel" in the past 15 years has brought us younger versions of iconic characters, like Anakin Skywalker in "The Phantom Menace" or Hannibal Lecter in "Hannibal Rising," who don't live up to their adult counterparts.

Casting younger and older character counterparts can be tricky, but the flashback is a key storytelling device in tons of films. Because of this, there are a number of child stars who got their starts in Hollywood playing the younger version of a character, to reveal something about the grown character's life.

We found a few examples of actors who have played the same characters at different ages. Let us know what you think of the casting decisions.

Actors Who Have Played Younger & Older Versions Of The Same Character