02/28/2012 01:38 pm ET Updated Mar 20, 2012

Blood, Bones and Butter: Cooking As Life

When we first announced that we'd be reading Gabrielle Hamilton's 'Blood, Bones and Butter' as our second HuffPost Book Club pick, we received a lot of responses from you, and not all of them overwhelmingly positive. You voiced concerns over our pick of a "food book," you raised thoughts for vegetarian and vegan who might want to read the book, and you expressed anticipations over a book written by a chef.

Three weeks in and we see a very different response from some of our favorite commenters.

"I just started the book and have gotten through Chapter One. I love it."

This book club choice was terrific. Reminds me of Glass Castle mixed with a little Running with Scissors adding a little David Sedaris humor. Excellent recipe for the mundane!!

Agree that this book is not a food book. HP didn't ask us to pick up "The Joy of Cooking." And besides, on a diet, picky eater, have health issues... it doesn't matter. We can all appreciate food.

And we definitely agree with commenter 'FlyingHigh0905.' Food and cooking and eating are a part of life. From trips to urban farms to hearing about the upbringing and childhood of your favorite chef, there's no way to get around it and there's no denying people can get pretty passionate about their meals.

We're super excited that everyone has decided to read along, despite initial worries, and we want to know what you think, even if you have decided not to read along.

Email us at to tell us why you're reading along -- or not. We've also received some fantastic recipes inspired by the book, including this delicious lamb shank meal by Lily Bellow. Have your own yummy recipe that reminds you of Blood, Bones and Butter? Send it our way.

Plus, we'll be doing a live Q&A with Gabrielle Hamilton very soon, so please add any questions you have for her in the comments below or tweet them with the hashtag #hpbookclub.

See you Sunday when we cover chapters 10 through 12 on our discussion page.