02/28/2012 03:33 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Cirque Du Soleil's Oscars 2012 Performance: How The Troupe Prepared For The Big Night

If you think your job is hard, consider the stress that Cirque du Soleil was under as they prepared for their big Oscars performance.

Over 50 artists, acrobats and aerialists were pulled from Cirque du Soleil shows across the world to perform a one-time, 3-minute show that would never be done again.

As the video above shows, the choreographers had to address performers in multiple languages and costumers had only 5 days to make sure everyone's outfits fit perfectly. "It's just another day at the office," quipped one of the acrobats nervously.

On the big day, it all went off without a hitch (save one misplaced tumble at minute 2:33 in the video below). Clips from classic films like "Cat On A Hot Tin Roof" and "North By Northwest" played in the background as acrobats and aerialists spun, flipped and flew across the Academy Awards audience.

This is the second time Cirque du Soleil has performed at the Oscars. Their performance for the 74th Academy Awards inspired the troupe's current show "Iris, A Journey through the World of Cinema," playing in Hollywood.

After the performance, Billy Crystal joked that the show was "just a pony away from a Bar Mitzvah." Billy Crystal must go to a lot of awesome bar mitzvahs, because Sunday's "Cirque" interlude was cooler than any religious coming-of-age party we've been to. Mazel tov!

Watch Cirque Du Soleil's performance at the Academy Awards: