02/28/2012 04:02 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Cloud Computing: Visibility, Control And Automation For Your Data Center (VIDEO)

IBM's Integrated Service Management solutions offers workload optimized systems, data center optimization, improved service delivery and easier risk mitigation. Smarter data for a smarter planet.

Integrated Service Management is all about helping our customers manage the size, scope, and complexity of their information technology assets and resources. A typical data center lasts 15 to 30 years. How do they keep up with the changes in technology, with the changes in computing models like cloud? So we're really focused on helping customers with these three issues; the ability to keep up with their growth, manage their costs, and be flexible and responsive. So what I like about this concept of IBM Smarter Data Center is the idea that this is providing a holistic view of the data center based on real world workloads, virtualization, service management, putting it context with critical issues such as security, manageability, and automation. And cloud computing can help here in this instance by combining virtualization, automation, and standardization to deliver services faster and in a flexible fashion. IBM's going through the whole process and put together a solution that can be applied and work in the realtime and be implemented in a very short time. We know how to optimize the hardware, the middleware underneath the applications to deliver the best performance for our clients. I think this is the unique thing that we bring into the marketplace end-to-end across the data center in optimizing workloads for integrated service managed environments in a delivery model that is best for each client. Well, IBM's Smarter Data Center really is making reality out of promises that have been held out to the industry, not just by IBM, but across the board. In other words, knowing what you have and what it's doing, and from that deriving patterns of control. How should you manage it, maintain it, what are the patterns, the indicators of wear and failure and things of this nature, and by operating on a continuous improvement closed-loop basis to be able to move to full automation. IBM has established itself as a leader in the thinking and as well as in the application of IT technology.

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