02/28/2012 11:15 am ET

Costa Allegra Fire: Jayne Thomas, Mom, Talks About Having Her Children On Costa Allegra And Costa Concordia Cruise Ships (VIDEO)

The past month has been a stressful one for Jayne Thomas, to say the least. The British mother, whose son survived the Costa Concordia sinking, has yet to hear from her daughter aboard its stricken sister ship, Costa Allegra, reports The Telegraph.

Thomas' son James, 19, was a dancer aboard Costa Concordia when it ran aground January 13. Her daughter, Rebecca, also a dancer, is aboard Costa Allegra, which caught fire Monday and is now being towed to shore.

Thomas told the BBC that she has no information on the situation at all, other than what's being played on the TV. She can't reach Rebecca via email due to the ship's power being out. She has had no contact with the Costa Cruises company, either, though she is not quick to place blame.

"I have no feelings towards the company," she told the news agency. "I think it's just...a twist of fate that unfortunately they've both been involved in two such unfortunate incidents."

According to Thomas, James had a difficult time with the Concordia accident and he isn't ready to get back on a ship any time soon. As the Mirror reports, James "was hailed a hero for acting as a 'human ladder' to help terrified passengers climb to safety."

Thomas is unsure whether or not Rebecca will want to return to cruise work.

Listen to Thomas' interview with the BBC here.