02/28/2012 09:00 am ET Updated Apr 29, 2012

Dudley Randall Pierre Attacks Broward Bus Driver In Would-Be Robbery Caught On Surveillance Video (WATCH)

Whatever bus drivers are paid in Lauderdale Lakes, it clearly isn't enough.

Months after a man in a Santa hat threw a rock at one bus and a second driver took a trash can to the face, yet another passenger is wilding out.

Surveillance video of a February 23 incident shows 22-year-old would-be robber Dudley Randall Pierre not only stop a bus abruptly by stomping his foot on the brake pedal, but punch driver Larry Khan in the face and attempt to steal his cell phone.

[Read the arrest report here.]

Though passengers were able to pull Pierre off Khan, police say he ran into a nearby parking lot and confronted a second man sitting in his car, yelling that the bus was going to blow up and striking the man repeatedly with a stick.

Pierre was "taken down in the roadway," according to the police report, after passengers on the bus and other witnesses yelled and pointed him out to police.

The Deerfield Beach resident was charged with burglary, robbery, and battery on a public transit employee. Police said Khan suffered a split lip, but no other injuries were reported from the quick stop or the assault.