02/28/2012 01:39 pm ET

FlickrFightr, Photo Contest Website, Turns Viewer Into Judge

Let's face it; with the introduction of easy-to-use cameras and apps like Instagram, anyone can be a photographer and everyone thinks they are one. Photo hosting site Flickr is one of the many places all of these photos end up, where amateurs and professionals alike post their work for the world to see. Enter a site called FlickrFightr, which invites viewers to become experts at judging these photos. The experience is part game, part contest and complete self-indulgence.

FlickrFighter posts two photos from Flickr's "Interesting" page and the viewer chooses their favorite of the two. Their favorite photo remains on the page, while the lesser of the two is replaced by a new photo. There isn't really an end to the game -- you just keep clicking your favorite of the two photos until you feel satisfied you've voted enough.

At the end of the day, the photo with the most "votes," which are just clicks, "wins." The winners have included a dog tortured by a plate of cookies, an attractive blonde seductively eating a strawberry and a nature photo of a bald eagle flying to its nest.

I'm fairly certain the photo choices are random; the algorithm grabs on to the most obscure tags photos have in common. In one swift click, stunning black and white landscape photography turns into a creepy Anime doll with large breasts (aren't those made for kids?). Either way, it's a fun way to waste a half hour.

(via Lost at E Minor)