02/28/2012 01:51 pm ET

Herve Leger Spring 2012 Ads Features Horses & The Models Who Love Them (PHOTOS)

The fashion world has a fondness for cats as well as dogs. But Herve Leger apparently loves horses -- like, really loves them.

The Spring 2012 collection was, as co-designer Lubov Azria has expressed, totally equestrian themed, with outfits featuring leather harnesses and other horsey details.

So for the ad campaign, shot by Camilla Akrans, the brand posed models Ieva Laguna and Fatima Siad (yup, of "America's Next Top Model" Cycle 10 fame) with real live horses, with Ieva caressing the giant white creature's neck and back with a look of ecstasy on her face.

We like horses as much as the next girls, but we doubt we've ever made that face when riding one. To each her own?

Check out Herve Leger's equine campaign below. Are you a fan of the model-on-mare look... or are these a bit too close for comfort?

Herve Leger Ads