02/28/2012 05:28 pm ET Updated Feb 28, 2012

MTA Memorabilia Site Lets You Purchase Collectibles (SLIDESHOW)

Hoping to spruce up your digs with some one-of-a-kind items? Look no further than the MTA to add a bit of retro stylings with the agency's Memorabilia & Collectibles site, where transportation enthusiasts can purchase everything from station signs to subway orbs.

For the more adventurous amongst us, take a peak at the MTA's collection of bus and station benches currently on sale. The city may be keen on ticketing straphangers for putting up their dirty feet on the seats, but we can't help but squirm at the thought of all the other not so hygienically inclined vermin, spilled food, and grubby hands that have likely graced some of the merchandise at one point or another.

Either way, we encourage you to peruse around! If the MTA doesn't fit to your decorative musings, check out some other crafty New York sales going on at the moment, from NYPD-seized items to wooden planks stripped from the boardwalk in Coney Island.