02/28/2012 03:21 pm ET

NYPD Officer Christopher Morris Arrested For Drunk Driving After Fundraiser For Peter Figoski

Continuing the NYPD's string of recent drunk-on-duty allegations, yet another cop is in trouble for boozing in uniform.

But unlike his fellow officers who were caught drinking wine at a Washington Heights steakhouse, Christopher Morris was partying it up at a "raucous" fundraiser for slain Officer Peter Figoski, who was shot and murdered during an attempted robbery in December.

DNAinfo reports that the rowdy event was labeled as a "memorial" paying tribute to Figoski and his mourning family.

The fundraiser party apparently ended during the early morning hours on Tuesday, when 31-year old Morris crashed his police vehicle into a parked car. Officials report that Morris apparently also refused to take a breath test.

Four other officers are currently under investigation for drinking on the job, with one waitress claiming she fell asleep at the restaurant and awoke up startled to find one of the inebriated detectives sexually assaulting her.

Back in September, an off-duty police was arrested after killing a pedestrian with his personal car while intoxicated.

For more scandals brought to you by New York's finest, see below. In the meantime, get it together NYPD:



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