02/29/2012 09:54 am ET

Airplane Emergency: How Flight Attendants Prepare To Evacuate (VIDEO)

Flight attendants are supposed to be the picture of calm, cool and collected -- especially in the event of an emergency. But, have you ever wondered how they're trained for that? Pretty extensively, it seems. reporter Angela Saurine went inside Qantas' training center to see first-hand what it takes to be in charge at 30,000 feet. As the video shows, the training center is eerily true to real life. It simulates darkness, smoke-filled cabins and even a night time water landing in the rain. These guys mean business.

"We try to make it as uncomfortable as possible,'' Darren Collins, Qantas's coordinator of aviation safety training tells the paper.

According to the report, the crew has to be able to get up to 780 people off an aircraft in 72 seconds. Think you have what it takes? Check out the video below.

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