02/29/2012 08:14 pm ET

Cee Lo Green Memoir: 'The Voice' Judge Reportedly Penning Book

Cee Lo Green is putting the pen to the page to chronicle his life and wisdom.

The "F*ck You" singer's still-untitled memoir may just transform the lives of its readers, according to the press release.

"Talk about art imitating life? Enter into the super-natural, the surreal, and the extraordinary that is [Cee Lo Green]," it reads, accord to Vulture. "Do you think this is by chance? CRAZY? FORGET YOU? After reading this book, there will be no doubt that I am meant to be CEELO GREEN A.K.A. 'everybody's brother' will make you a believer, not only in me, but also... yourself."

If his past work is any indication, the singer's book will be full of metaphors.

"I'd been recording for three years and I had over seventy songs, and I was ready to be heard," he told Esquire of his famously anthemic tune, "F*ck You," earlier this month. "But my label was just sitting on it, and it was very disheartening, not knowing if what I was doing was good enough. It seemed like I couldn't please anybody. So of course, figuratively, I was like, 'You don't you like me? Well f**k you!' It was very cathartic."

What do you think Green should title his memoir?