02/29/2012 05:03 pm ET

Denver Diatribe Presents: 'Killing The Cow Town,' Free Podcast Event Tonight At The Denver Film Center

What are you doing tonight? Unless your answer included a reference to Denver Restaurant Week reservations, there's a significant chance you could be having more fun. We kindly suggest taking a gander at the Denver Diatribe's 'Killing the Cow Town,' a free live podcast taping dedicated to roasting pop-culture's oft-ignorant caricatures of Denver.

The show starts at 7 tonight and features such Denver luminaries as: Westword cartoon artist Kenny Be, The Donnybrook Writing Academy, writers from The Onion A.V. Club, and a handful of others.

Denver Diatribe promises to include giveaways, verbal revelry, live music, and--of course--drink specials. Curious for a taste now? Listen to previous episodes of the Diatribe's free weekly podcast, or tune in on Twitter at #KillCowTown.

Speaking to Reverb, event organizer Ron S. Doyle explained his hopes for the event:

We’d like to see the live events develop into a city-wide dialogue, an open forum for bright ideas that will make Denver better, a safe place for people to express their fascination or frustration with Denver. Or maybe one of those Japanese game shows where contestants strap raw meat to their heads and are chased by Komodo dragons. In that sort of scenario, everybody wins.

Komodo dragons or not, you're bound to have a great time.

The Details:
Price: Free
When: 2/29/12
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Where: Denver Film Center, 2510 E Colfax Ave