02/29/2012 05:13 pm ET

Jerry Perdomo Found: Maine Police Locate Missing Florida Firefighter's Body

Authorities in Maine say that they have located the body of a Florida firefighter reported missing nearly two weeks ago.

The extended search for Jerry Perdomo, missing since Feb. 16, concluded when investigators found the 31-year-old 's body in a wooded area in Newburgh, Maine, CBS reported.

The development comes one day after police arrested 24-year-old Daniel Porter, the primary suspect in Perdomo's disappearance. Authorities believe that Porter and his girlfriend, Cheyanne Nowak, 23, are among the last people who saw Perdomo before his disappearance.

A representative for the Maine State Police -- which did not immediately release the identity of the body -- called the incident a drug-related homicide.

According to an arrest warrant, Porter owed Perdomo $3,000 and told police the firefighter threatened him and his family during a game of pool, MSNBC reported.

Perdomo was first believed to be in Maine visiting a friend when he vanished. Perdomo reportedly left the friend's home one night and never returned, WESH reported. His rental car was discovered the next day, abandoned in the Bangor Walmart parking lot.

Authorities believe that Porter and Perdomo were involved in drug dealing and traded death threats in January, according to ABC.