02/29/2012 11:19 am ET Updated Feb 29, 2012

Lindsay Lohan 'SNL' Promos: Host Pokes Fun At Media Attention (VIDEO)

Barring anything unexpected, Lindsay Lohan will host "Saturday Night Live" for the fourth time this weekend, with musical guest rocker Jack White. The announcement of Lohan's hosting surprised many, as Lohan does not appear to have any projects to promote, and over the last few years, she has made headlines almost exclusively for her troubled personal life.

But Lohan has gone on the record saying that she does not want to the show to shy away from her personal problems (which would seem unlikely, as it appears that they have been the main reason she was booked to host). TMZ reports that she told "SNL" that nothing about her life was "off limits" as comedic fodder.

The latest promo would seem to support that, as she and Kenan Thompson sarcastically wonder what Lohan has been up to since she last hosted the show, and that they wish the media had paid more attention to her for the last few years.

Lohan also told Matt Lauer in a "Today" show interview that aired Thursday that she's "clean and sober," and that she rarely goes out at night anymore.

The last time she hosted "SNL" was in 2006.

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