02/29/2012 04:00 am ET Updated Apr 29, 2012

'NCIS': Which Agent Came Out As Gay? (VIDEO)

People who are gay usually prefer to choose the setting and situation surrounding the moment when they come out to people in their lives. But that decision was kind of made for one agent in this week's installment of "NCIS" (Tue., 8 p.m. EST on CBS), as it seemed the only way to avoid taking the blame for losing a witness-turned-suspect.

It was almost like a comic duo when Gibbs paired McGee and Dornegat to bring in Ava Baransky. McGee certainly hammed it up as the senior agent, giving Dornegat all kinds of grief ... and only some of it deserved. But he was really laying on the heat after getting a phone call from Gibbs letting him know that Baransky was no longer a witness. She was now a suspect, and should be considered dangerous.

Unfortunately, that phone call came a bit too late, as she'd already managed to overpower Dornegat in the women's restroom at the gas station they'd stopped at. After she got away with their car, McGee turned on his partner, accusing Dornegat of getting distracted by Baransky's beauty.

Try as he might, Dornegat couldn't convince McGee that she simply wasn't his type. "She's every guy's type, Darnagut," McGee shouted.

And so he had little choice, if he wanted to move this conversation beyond this accusation. "McGee, I'm not attracted to any woman. I'm gay," he said. And just like that, they could shift their focus to how dead they're both going to be when Gibbs finds out what happened.

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