02/29/2012 12:11 pm ET Updated Feb 29, 2012

Phylia De M: A Conversation With Kazu Namise And Kidada Jones (PHOTOS)

"Great hair makes you feel good. It’s that simple," says the team behind Phylia de M., a company founded by Kazu Namise and Kidada Jones. The two native (and very hip) Angelenos have taken it upon themselves to promote healthy living through responsible and truly effective products.

To Clean, Condition and Connect are the fundamentals of the product line and those intentions are "applicable in all areas of life," says the team.

The Huffington Post spoke with the women behind Phylia de M. to find out what makes their company so popular, so authentic and so good at nourishing our locks.

HuffPost: What was the catalyst for creating Phylia?
Phylia De M: We have been wanting to brand Dr. Miyayama’s proprietary solution into our own line for about 5 years now. The timing finally seemed right, both for us personally as well as within the community, as there has been a strong movement towards more conscientious product usage in the last several years. Companies are offering amazing products for inner body health and skin (think Pressed Juicery, Tata Harper, Josie Maran), but there has been a hole in the market for a non-toxic yet performance-driven line for the optimum growth and health of hair. We have been enjoying these benefits with our product for a combined 19 years now and wanted to make it available for everyone.

Phylia is a family business -- Kidada's mother and sister are huge fans of the products and Kazu's godfather is Dr. Miyayama -- How do family values infuse your business philosophy?
Our core values of honesty, thoughtfulness, and diligence come from within both of our lovely families. From the moment the herbs are planted in our private gardens to the moment the client applies the product, these values are infused into every effort we make in creating Phylia and in sharing it with our friends and clients worldwide.

On your website you write, "By freeing ourselves from the fear and helplessness that can result from the modern world overload of misinformation and false claims, we were able take the first steps toward healing ourselves." How do you work to do this?
Education and trial and error. It is so important to research - through studying and sharing - about health and beauty and to try different things and listen to your body’s response to them. This system helps to cultivate your own sense of health and beauty culture that helps you be your best self.

What suggestions would you give to someone looking to detoxify and nourish themselves?
Quality control in your most basic needs. Food (what you put both in and on your body), Clothes (the types and style of fabric you wear), and Home (keeping a clean, cozy, and inspiring environment).

In LA, where are your favorite places to shop for well-rounded beauty products?
My go-to for organic and effective skin care products are Carasoin Day Spa (I also get my facials there), Évolué Beauty, and my godparent’s office, which carries their handmade line of skin care!

What does the future hold for Phylia de M.?
As we grow, our next step will be to launch our herbal supplement of Pure Humic-Free Fulvic Acid - we developed this using our custom biotechnology, composting raw organic vegetation. We use it as an ingredient in our hair care but it is also an amazing nutritional supplement. It is a key transporter of vitamins and minerals in our body as well as chelating heavy metals and other toxins out. Health and beauty from the outside in and the inside out!

This interview has been edited for length.