02/29/2012 04:51 pm ET

Renee King Guilty: Jury Convicts Michigan Stepmother Of Killing 2-Year-Old Daughter

A circuit court jury in Michigan took just two hours of deliberations to convict a woman of sexually assaulting and murdering her 2-year-old stepdaughter.

Renee King, 30, was found guilty on Monday of felony murder, child abuse and sexual assault in the Nov. 20, 2010, death of Lily Wolfenbarger-Furneaux.

The family of the little girl "cried with relief" upon hearing the verdict, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Lily suffered multiple head injuries and a vaginal injury, ultimately leading to her death. King has maintained that the girl's head injuries were the result of two accidental falls and denies knowledge of the vaginal injury, the Associated Press reported.

On Monday, the Macomb County chief prosecutor Therese Tobin called the act a "time bomb" set off by the 2-year-old's crying.

"Two-year-olds aren't easy," Tobin said, according to the Voice. "Two-year-olds have accidents. Two-year-olds have temper tantrums. Two-year-olds act up. The price that Lily paid that day -- she paid with her life."

The girl's father, 29-year-old Jeffrey Wolfenbarger, has since been charged with two misdemeanor counts of disturbing the peace for actions "stemming from an altercation" during the murder trail, according to the Detroit News.