02/29/2012 05:22 pm ET Updated Feb 29, 2012

Shepard Smith: Mitt Romney Is Wearing Mom Jeans (VIDEO)

Fox News' Shepard Smith had some serious fashion advice for GOP candidate Mitt Romney on Tuesday: stop wearing mom jeans.

The network's chief political correspondent Carl Cameron reported on the Michigan primary's close results from a Romney rally in Ohio. While Cameron reported on the results, Smith apologized and said he couldn't help but notice a fashion faux pas in the background of the shot.

"I'm sorry Carl, but I'm looking at [Romney] over your right shoulder there. Do you think he's aware he's wearing mom jeans? Cause he is. He's wearing mom jeans, Carl. It's 2012! Somebody ought to tell him," Smith said, sounding quite surprised. "You're not the one to tell him, I know that, but someone should."

"Well I think you just did. He's trying to lighten up. He has been for months," Cameron responded.

After Cameron provided more analysis of the GOP primary race, Smith went back to the mom jeans. "I'm not hating on it. I'm just observing it, cause that's what we do. We're journalsits and we observe. I observe that Mitt Romney is wearing mom jeans. That's all." Cameron joked that he will try to include updates on "mom jeans" in future political analyses. "You should because they belong lower on your waist. It's 2012. But you know, do what you do." Smith said. "Nice to see you Big Carl! I hope you'll be in New York soon."

Smith has offered colorful commentary in the past on a variety of topics. Earlier this month, he raged against AT&T for changing the policies on his unlimited data plan. After a visit to the White House for lunch in January, Smith described the menu in great detail on his Fox News show.

(H/T Mediaite).