03/01/2012 12:51 pm ET

Assaf Mendes Own Goal: Wind Sends Maccabi Haifa Goalkeeper's Kick Into Own Net (VIDEO)

The most astounding own goals in soccer generally involve hilarious gaffes and head-scratching errors by goalkeepers or defenders. After all, these are called "own goals" because a player has scored on his own goal. But in Wednesday's friendly match against Dynamo Kiev, Maccabi Haifa goalie Assaf Mendes was simply unlucky. In fact, this goal for Kiev and supposedly scored by Haifa could quite easily be attributed to a third party -- nature.

Mendes was attempting a goal kick but, unfortunately, he was kicking into a very powerful gust of wind. The ball briefly made its way through the air before the wind pushed it back toward the net. Mendes tried to make a play on the ball, but it bounced right past him and into the goal.

The bizarre own goal appeared to make one of the Dynamo Kiev players bend over in laughter.

The wind happened to be so strong that both teams agreed beforehand to play 60 minutes instead of the full 90. But even in the shortened game, Dynamo Kiev was able to tack on four other goals and win 5-0.

Watch the clip above and then scroll down to check out some other own goals, most of which are way more humiliating than Mendes'.