03/01/2012 04:26 pm ET Updated Mar 05, 2012

Baby Barista Helps Mom Make Coffee (VIDEO)

Mom might need her coffee, but why visit a local coffee shop when there's an in-house baby barista willing to help?

This adorable baby girl takes over java duties after her mother pours water into the Keurig coffeemaker. She knows the process by heart, from shutting the lid on the water filter to pressing the "start" button.

YouTube users were quick to note the machine has a sharp point used to pierce the coffee pods, but mom seems to be keeping a watchful eye on the tot.

The baby's clever coffee-making routine might bring a smile to your face, but some parents remain unsure about shops offering pint-sized warm drinks known as "babyccinos."

The drinks, usually sold at reduced prices, are intended to make small children feel included, WSBT reports. Some shops serve up warm milk topped with cinnamon or chocolate, while others offer decaf coffee topped with foam.

Babyccinos recently began gaining steam in some Brooklyn neighborhoods in New York, though the idea actually originated in Australia about 10 years ago.

"A small percentage of caffeine on a non-regular basis is probably okay,” Dr. Deena Blanchard, a pediatrician at Premier Pediatrics, told the Brooklyn Paper last month.

Still, some say the trend is only brewing up trouble.

Donny Deutsch, a former ad-executive on NBC's "The Professionals" panel, says it encourages kids to grow up too quickly.

Via VideoGum