03/01/2012 06:33 pm ET

Deer Crashes Through Charlotte-Area Classroom Window, Charges Through School (VIDEO)

Surveillance video released Thursday by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools officials shows a deer running through the hallways of a North Carolina High school.

The deer reportedly crashed through a classroom window at East Mecklenburg High School at around 2 p.m. Wednesday, WBTV reports.

Students say it proceeded to run around the room -- during an English class -- before proceeding to the hallway and eventually leaving the school. About 25 students were in the room when the deer crashed through the window and landed on a student's back, according to WBTV. The deer was hurt "pretty badly."

Animal Control was called to restrain the deer and two students were treated for minor injuries, WCCB-TV reports.

The video shows dozens of students running from the classroom as school officials alerted security to the deer's visit. Student Suandy Lazo told WSOC-TV that she has a large bruise on her hip from crashing into desks in attempts to avoid the animal.

"Everybody was screaming," Lazo said. "Everybody was just going crazy."

The deer's visit to East Mecklenburg comes just two weeks after wild raccoons invaded Woodlands Middle School in Lake Worth, Fla. Students said the infestation terrified them, and one even experienced raccoon urine dripping onto him from the ceiling above.

The school was given 30 days to get rid of the animals before inspectors return.

Last December, a squirrel set off the fire alarm at Blackburn Elementary in Ellenton, Fla., almost costing the school a hefty fine for a false alarm.

But the school was let off the hook when the fire department realized from security footage that the squirrel was the culprit. It had scaled the wall about five feet in the school kitchen and hung onto the lever to set off the alarm.

"It's really hard to fine a squirrel, so he got a stern lecture was released outside," Todd Henson, director of maintenance and operations for Manatee County Schools said at the time.