03/01/2012 08:48 am ET Updated Mar 01, 2012

Douglas Kennedy Scandal: Nurses Describe Alleged Physical Assault In Emotional 'Today' Interview (VIDEO)

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The nurses involved in a scandal surrounding a Fox News reporter and Kennedy scion spoke out on Thursday, telling the "Today" show that he had violently assaulted them.

Douglas Kennedy, who is the son of Robert F. Kennedy, has been charged with harassment and child endangerment after a confrontation with nurses at a Westchester hospital, who say they tried to prevent him taking his newborn baby out of the maternity ward without clearance. Fox News chief Roger Ailes has backed his employee.

"To be assaulted because you're protecting the best interests of a baby? That's not OK," Anna Margaret Lane, one of the nurses, told WNBC's Jonathan Dienst.

Lane and Cari Maleman Luciano said that they told Kennedy he couldn't take the baby out without permission. According to Lane, when they followed him into an elevator, he twisted her arm. Luciano then described an even graver alleged assault.

"He brought his leg up and kicked me and I went flying through the air," she said, beginning to cry.

Kennedy, they said, then fell to the ground with the baby still in his arms. In a statement, he said that the nurses were at fault, and that he had received permission from others to leave the ward.

"I was doing my job and this was traumatic," Lane told "Today," before breaking down in tears.